#rsrh Specter Swift-boating Sestak?

:Shrug: Sure…

…assuming, of course, that you’re using the term ‘Swift-boating’ correctly – i.e., to mean ‘accurately describing an opponent’s shortcomings‘:

In the latest salvo, [Rep. Joe] Sestak accused [Sen. Arlen] Specter of swift-boating his military record.

The senator released a 30-second spot earlier this week that said the former Navy admiral was relieved of duty at one point for creating a “poor command climate.”

As Ed Morrissey notes, this is perfectly accurate; it in fact ended Sestak’s Navy career. And while leaving the Navy under a bit of a cloud may be a matter of indifference to Official Washington (and a net positive to the progressive Democratic base), it will probably not resonate all that well with statewide PA voters, which is why Specter’s bringing it up.  And why Sestak – who has staked out a position as being the best Democrat to be beaten by Pat Toomey this year – loudly flinched in response.  They must have assumed that if it wasn’t an issue in 2006, it wouldn’t be one in 2010.

Many things that weren’t issues in 2006 or 2008 will be issues in 2010, though.  It’s merely Sestak’s bad luck that he has to address them in a Senate primary and not a House race.

Moe Lane

PS: Toomey.

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  • JadedByPolitics says:

    How very pathetic of Specter however his kind of UGLY is quite at home in the Democrat Party!

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