#rsrh VP Biden admits bad job situation!

Not that he knows it, yet.  Why? Because when Joe Biden Opens His Mouth, it’s always a random disaster.  As Andrew Malcolm reports:

Speaking for Mark Critz, a Democrat running for a House seat who’s “the real deal” as opposed to some others who Biden says have been “real turkeys,” the Obama administration’s chief gaffemeister said:

We’re going to be creating somewhere between 100 and 200,000 jobs next month, I predict.

Which is a pretty wide range.

It’s also an admission that the administration still hasn’t actually stopped the bleeding:

But let’s set a more modest goal: return to more or less full employment in 5 years –which means seven lean years of depressed employment. To keep up with population growth over those 7 years, the United States would have had to add 84 times 127,000 or 10.668 million jobs. (If that sounds high, bear in mind that we added more than 20 million jobs over the 8 Clinton years). Add in the need to make up lost ground, and we’re at around 18 million jobs over the next five years — or 300,000 a month.

So that’s a useful benchmark. Even if we add 300,000 jobs a month, we’re looking at a prolonged period of suffering — a huge cost from the Great Recession. So that’s kind of a minimal definition of success. Anything less than that, and it’s bad news.

And guess which right-wing shill of the conservative movement said that? – That’s right: Paul Krugman, back in December of 2009.  Guess Biden’s behind on his technical reading…

‘Reading.’ Oh, I slay me.

Moe Lane

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