Hollywood sign ‘saved’ by… Hef.


The famous Hollywood sign has been saved from being spoiled by property development by a last-minute donation from Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner.

The soft-porn magnate gave $900,000 (£580,000) to the fund which was set up to stop the site being developed.


It never faced demolition, but campaigners were worried the famous vista would be ruined by the sight of properties towering over the four-storey high letters.

Of course, all three O’s now have to pose in the September issue and the consonants will all be made Editors.

Moe Lane

PS: Personally, I think that they should have stuck a nice, big Baptist church there.  And a military base.  Maybe add a nuclear power plant; that way you’d get a symbolic trifecta of everything Hollywood hates.

Yup, philistine.  It was a freaking real estate ad, people.

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