#rsrh Lefty activists target… Arizona Iced Tea.

Wait, what?

Here’s your ‘Why did we worry about these people’s ability to put together a movement, again?’ story for the day:

Opponents of Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law are calling for a boycott of the state’s products – including the popular Arizona Iced Tea.

The problem: Arizona Iced Tea is actually brewed in New York.

(Via JammieWearingFool & Hot Air Headlines)

Ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray of them to do a Blue-State own-goal like this; but (to quote Robert Anton Wilson) I’m sure that these people mean well. Or at least they mean something.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d just like to note for the record that this would still be full of Teh Stupid even if Arizona Iced Tea actually was made in Arizona.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Lefty activists target… Arizona Iced Tea.”

  1. Those same folks would also be the type to call for a boycott of Texas Roadhouse the next time TX does anything conservative. Of course, Texas Roadhouse is a chain based in Louisville, KY.

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