So, I’m figuring that “Wooly Mammoth Rampage in Disneyland!”…

…will be about what, 2017?  2019? Via @allahpundit:

Scientists use ‘Jurassic Park’ experiment to try to bring woolly mammoth back from the dead

Scientists are a step closer to bringing the woolly mammoth back from the dead.

In an extraordinary Jurassic Park style experiment, they used DNA from an extinct frozen mammoth to bring back to life the major component of mammoth blood.

…complete with artistic representation of the wooly mammoth, which is basically a “angry-looking Snuffleupagus* with giant TUSKS OF DOOM.” Oh, sure, they talk later about how they can’t use this to actually create a Prius-flipping behemoth that will charge its way across Southern California until it is ironically lured into the La Brea Tar Pits by a rugged military veteran/surf instructor with a past, his wise-cracking surfing dude sidekick, and the obligatory gorgeous woman with glasses and a labcoat, but then: they always say that. Right before the unveiling, and the cameras flashing, and the beast running wild…

I mean, read this part:

The researchers could use the same technique to bring back other extinct proteins in mammoth’s bodies. They could also use them for prehistoric rhinos, bears and tigers.


Prehistoric rhinos.

These guys have plans.

Moe Lane

*Got it spelled right on the first try, thank you very much.


  • Geoff Shotts says:

    Two words: mammoth steaks.

  • Moe,

    And to think, I’m the same guy how helped the BBC make this video ( for the new series “LIFE”, which, I believe is now being shown on the Discovery Channel.

    Also, check out the mammoth article in the London Daily mail where it states: “Mammoths get their name from the Russian word ‘mammut’, or earth mole.”. Coincidence? I think not.



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