#rsrh Jonas Brothers/Obama showdown!

Yeah. Actually… yeah. I could see where this might be seen as being a bit much.

Obama’s writers may have thought their quip about the Jonas Brothers during White House Correspondents’ Association dinner was a nod to the boy band and their star power, but the brothers saw it as a jab.

Nick and Joe Jonas were spotted sulking in the corner at the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair after-party when Yeas & Nays asked what they thought of the joke.

“We’re not that old,” Nick Jonas told Yeas.

“Seriously, we’re not pedophiles,” Joe jumped in.

That being said – and it also being said that, yeah, the President needs to start learning how to laugh at himself* – we are talking about the Jonas Brothers, here. Considering that their mission statement is “Be heartthrobs to America’s tweens…” well, my sympathies are muted.

Moe Lane

*Because he’d be better off doing it himself, rather than having us do it for him.

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