#rsrh (Unfortunate) QotD, Grecian Earn edition.

Not ‘unfortunate’ because I think that it shouldn’t have been written: ‘unfortunate’ because I wish it didn’t have to be.

Have you ever tried to tell a petulant child to eat his spinach or he won’t get his dessert, and had the child respond by throwing flaming gasoline at you? If so, then you know quite literally how the Greek prime minister feels.

That’s from RS’s own Francis Cianfrocca… err, for The New Ledger.  And the news is… well, financial people tend to see opportunities in every situation that affects the market, up to (but not quite including) ‘multiple asteroid strikes in the Atlantic Ocean.’  I’m pretty sure that the rest of us are in deep trouble, though.

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  • Seven Years Of College Down The Drain says:

    In fact, the only obstacle to trading ‘multiple asteroid stikes’ on anything is that notice to take delivery tends to be somewhat abrupt.

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