#rsrh All THREE arrestees were on expired visas? REALLY?

As you’ve no doubt read by now, several people have been arrested, likely in connection with the Faisal Shahzad case. There’s something about this case that I don’t particularly want to highlight – in the sense that I don’t want it to be an issue – but that I sort of have to:

One of the men arrested near Boston on Thursday has been charged with overstaying his visa, and the other, identified as Pir Khan, was already the subject of proceedings to remove him from the country, according to one source.

The third man was arrested in Maine, also allegedly for overstaying his visa, a source said.

Folks, that right there is an example of why the Arizona legislature decided to explicitly implement federal immigration law on the state level; it’s not being enforced on the federal one.  Do as many boycotts, protests, and/or primal screams as you like, but immigration control is a national-security issue.  Yes, I’m being a big meanie by bringing up what appears to be an illegal-immigrant shadow economy that’s independent of the one that Mexican illegals use; the point is that these networks exist, and even if these three guys were merely part of a system to avoid showing up on the radar they were still apparently used by a terrorist to launder money.  Sort of like how drug smugglers are doing the same thing, yes?

Sorry, but that’s what’s happening.

Moe Lane

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