You know, despite the problematical geographical details…

…of the Girl Genius universe – England being sunk (but not depopulated), North America being inaccessible, the odd ubiquity of mountaintops with which to put a Mad Science castle/deathtrap/lair, one might almost be tempted to find the Steampunk/Mad Science setting attractive… until you see webcomic entries like this.

It’s not that the Male Love Interest #1 is lying; he’s not.  It’s not that MLI #2 is accusing MLI #1 of lying; he’s not.  It’s not even that MLI #1 did bring back Heroine’s family from the grave as a romance gambit.

It’s that it’s a recognized romance gambit.  One that’s been done, ah, to death…

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  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Troublesome, to say the least. If Castle Wulfenbach never lands, then they obviously have the technology to fly the entire empire to the New World. If a spark can’t figure that out….

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