#rsrh Naomi Campbell, War Crimes witness?

If you’re like me – specifically, operating on a touch too little sleep and not yet adequately caffeinated – you probably read that as ‘Campbell Brown, War Crimes’ witness.  Turns out that this is actually not any kind of News of the Weird, though:

WAR crimes prosecutors want to subpoena supermodel Naomi Campbell to testify over a so-called blood diamond she allegedly received from Liberia’s ex-president Charles Taylor.

“Ms Campbell’s testimony is necessary as there is evidence that Ms Campbell was given rough diamonds by the accused (Taylor) in September 1997,” said a prosecution motion filed with the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

“Ms Campbell’s anticipated evidence concerns ‘a central issue’ in the case: the accused’s possession of rough diamonds,” states the document, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

Via Ed Driscoll.  To be honest, I’ve never really delved deep into the Blood Diamond thing – I haven’t even seen the movie – but what I have read has been uniformly… unpleasant.  As is Charles Taylor; if he only existed in books the character would be denounced as a heavy-handed, racist caricature of African dictators.

Moe Lane

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