My wife and I have re-written the plot to Darkspawn Chronicles.

This is Dragon Age: Origins geekery: so those who wish to ignore, move on.  The rest?  After the fold.

While we have no interest in playing the bad guys in the scenario mentioned in Darkspawn Chronicles, there’s still an option there for playing the basic concept – the War for Denerim, minus the Gray Warden PC.  So…

We assume that the following things happened: the Good Guys recruited the Dalish, the mages, the dwarves, and the golems*.  There are seven ‘boards,’ and each one will feature a different Final Four.  Each board has the defeat of a specific enemy general as the primary goal, and survival of the Final Four as the secondary one.  If the party manages to kill the primary enemy general, that enemy general does not show up in the final board.  If the Final Four goes down, time for the next board!  Each board is at a progressively higher level. No hit-once-and-fall-down grunts; you have to clean these guys out.

The Boards:

  1. The Gates of Denerim.  Bann Teagan (Warrior/Champion, 7th level), Circle Mage (Mage, 6th level), Crossbowman (Rogue, 6th level), Guardsman (Warrior, 6th level).  Enemy General: Hurlock Emissary.
  2. The Marketplace. Sergeant Kylon (Rogue/Duellist, 10th level), Guardsman (Warrior, 9th level), Slumming Nobleman (Mage, 9th Level), Denerim Gang Member (Rogue, 9th Level).  Enemy General: Hurlock General.
  3. The Alienage. Shianni (Rogue/Assassin, 13th level), Starved Veteran (Warrior, 12th level), Dalish Mage (Mage, 12th Level), Archer (Rogue, 12th Level).  Enemy General: Hurlock General.
  4. The Palace Quarter. Kardol (Warrior/Berserker/Champion, 16th level), Dwarven Legionary (Rogue/Bard, 15th level), Golem (15th level), Dalish Mercenary (Mage/Blood Mage, 15th level).  Enemy General: Ogre Alpha.
  5. Gates of Fort Drakon.  Jowan (Mage/Blood Mage/Arcane Warrior, 19th level), Lanaya (Mage/Spirit Healer, 18th level), Cammen (Rogue/Ranger, 18th level), Dalish Hunter (Warrior/Champion, 18th Level).  Enemy General: Ogre Omega.
  6. Fort Drakon.  Alistair (Warrior/Templar/Champion, 22nd level), Morrigan (Mage/Shapeshifter/Blood Mage, 22nd level), Leiliana (Rogue/Bard/Duellist, 22nd level), Dog (22nd level).  Normal play.
  7. Top of Fort Drakon.  Arl Eamon (Warrior/Champion/Templar, 25th level), First Enchanter Irving (Mage/Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer, 25th Level), Branka (Warrior/Berserker/Reaver, 25th level), Master Ignacio* (Rogue/Assassin/Duellist, 25th level).  Enemy General: Archdemon, of course.  Note that, for the last board, you’ll need to keep Alistair alive until the Archdemon’s dead.

…and put in the minor characters wherever they appeared in Darkspawn Chronicles.

This, I’d play.  So if there’s a person out there who can redo the boards for Darkspawn Chronicles…

Moe Lane

*I’d rather have mages than templars, and elves rather than werewolves.  And it’s my concept.  So there.

**This one, my wife wanted to argue until I pointed out that a rogue would be necessary, he was the most famous rogue in the game, and that no Crow is currently able to brag that he or she was in on the assassination of an Archdemon.

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