#rsrh So, what happened at the CT Dem convention?

I mean, it looked like Connecticut Democrats bullied into submission the only real opposition to Dick Blumenthal’s Democratic nomination for Senate.

“I would like to formally withdraw my name from nomination,” Alpert said shortly before 8 p.m. That line generated enthusiastic applause from the crowd. “We’re going to have an early dinner. Good night.”

Immediately after Alpert’s remarks, Blumenthal was nominated by acclamation.

Alpert originally intended to deliver a speech to more than 1,800 delegates at the Democratic Party convention at the cavernous Expo Center in Hartford’s North Meadows, but the rules committee prevented it, according to Alpert.

(See also Hot Air.)

Not-really-ironically, said candidate (Merrick Alpert) served in Bosnia and is actually a member of VFW: Blumenthal, of course, lied about serving in Vietnam, on multiple occasions.  I would say that I’m sympathetic, except that it’d be a lie, and I’m trying not to be like Blumenthal here.  Alpert folded like a cheap suit at the first hint of disapproval from the CT Democratic party establishment; and honestly, I’m a little weary of politicians who are principled until it’s inadvisable to be.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, remember Ned Lamont?  Turns out nobody else did, either.

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