‘Warden’s Fall.’

Looks like a computer-generated series based on the popular (both on this blog, and in the outside world) Dragon Age: Origins video game. There’s two episodes so far: the second one is below.

I have to note: for a world with regular incursions of demonic hell-creatures out of the depths of the earth, the inhabitants seem distressingly ill-armed and trained.  I mean, what would have happened if my PC hadn’t shown up?

Besides Darkspawn Chronicles, of course.

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  • Cameron says:

    But you figure that the Blights only happen once a century and Darkspawn only appear in small numbers on the surface at other times. This puts it in the Not My Problem area of thought for most folks. Of course, the Dwarves have a slightly different perspective since they are subject to regular attacks. (Insert analogy of America and Israel here)

    Then you have the force of men and women that can fight these monsters being very few in number and having a limited lifespan.

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