Book of the Week: Small Gods.

An older book in the Discworld series, and some might look at it oddly – but Small Gods was I think the first book of the series where Terry Pratchett really buckled down to the world as a unique place in its own right, as opposed to a convenient place to tell stories.

Or something.

Anyway, farewell to Sh*t My Dad Says. Yes, I know: whipsawing again.


  • Jeff says:

    I have to agree with this one. I love Terry Pratchett, and his Discworld series is a marvelous read!

    I was saddened to learn a while back that he is dealing with Alzheimers.

  • Wizzard says:

    Y’know, Pratchett said that sometimes he wishes he’d left the giant turtle thing out, in case in gave the impression that Discworld wasn’t a serious place. But on the other hand, Great A’tuin really carries the plot.

    And before you damn me for that pun, know that I got it from Terry.

  • jimf says:

    just as an FYI…BBC broadcast “Going Postal” in two parts last week…available on fine BT sites everywhere. That was one of most enjoyable Discworld books I have read.

  • Ric Locke says:

    The only disagreement I have is that Small Gods isn’t the first “story instead of goofing off” book. That honor belongs to Guards, Guards, the first of the Sam Vimes / Night Watch books. If you haven’t encountered them, the premise is that we have a city-state ruled by a despot with absolute power… who is a Libertarian. Fascinating stuff.


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