QotD, grasp of the essentials edition.

Stephen Hunt, British steampunk author (I’m reading The Rise of the Iron Moon right now, having gotten tired of waiting for the American edition to come out), was asked in 2008 about this bloody opinionated Richard K Morgan article.  His response, in part:

A Hugo can be swung by an actively voting population of less people than can squeeze into my local McDonalds, and the people who really vote for my work do so with little slips of paper bearing Her Majesty’s head on them (shortly, said ballot to be widened to include illustrations of US Presidents).

OK, that part was really more tangential to his larger response. Still a good quote.

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  • Phil Smith says:

    Morgan’s right, Hunt’s wrong.

    Rather, Hunt would be right except he misses a critical part of the equation: and that is how effective the capital F fans are at chasing away a broader readership. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told by folks who read speculative fiction – speculative fiction like Dan Brown – that they “don’t read SciFi”. What they’re really saying is “SciFi? That’s the stuff that Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons reads. I’m not like him; I don’t read SciFi.” So they take a pass on some cracking good reads because they’ve overheard some of the idiotic discussions that the Fans have.

    As a result, Hunt obtains fewer pictures of the Queen.

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