2 thoughts on “‘Let it be.’”

  1. According to fansites, the “Let it Be” sessions were done in January 1969, not 1970 as this Japanese video suggests. This looks like the recording from the actual studio dubbing for the album. You can see, if you look hard enough, the divisions in the band by this time – they seem quite obviously there as individuals, not a group, and it was the last time they would work together as the Beatles. Still, as a collection of individuals, they kick ass anyway. Their last public concert was at he end of this month, the 30th of January, 1969. The album would not be released until May 8, 1970.

    I like the Beatles, sue me. And I wasn’t even born when they broke up. Blame my mother if you have to, but I didn’t have to like what she played, now did I?

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