#rsrh Thank God Mickey Kaus lost the DEM CA-SEN primary…

we dodged a bullet there. Forty grand = 100K votes; he was always one heck of a long shot, but if he had been properly funded he would have been able to more directly confront Sen. Boxer.  There was always that frightening possibility that he could have goaded the Senator into being… well, Barbara Boxer… and this is a year for primary upsets.  If that had happened, we would have been facing a Democrat in the general election who couldn’t be tied to his party’s positions on illegal immigration and public sector unions.  I’m not the only Republican out there who found that prospect unappealing.

Fortunately, it’s no longer even a remote possibility – and I can now go back to linking to Kaus safely.

Moe Lane

PS: Carly Fiorina for Senate.


  • Not to worry; we’ll have Boxer to kick around for six more years thanks to the NRSC…

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Sorry, I’m not really interested in fighting battles that are over. Fiorina’s the candidate, and that’s pretty much that.

  • section9 says:

    Oh, heck, look, Chuck was never able to poll above 20% in a Republican Primary. Fiorina was, and pulled ahead of the execrable Tom Campbell.

    All Boxer would have done to DeVore as nominee would have been to Light The Fiery Cross over and over again.

    Now if the NRSC stays out of the race, Fiorina might actually win this thing.

    Kaus would have been a tougher opponent though.

  • Mutnodjmet says:

    As a California Democrat (who voted for Kaus), I wanted to draw your attention to one result that is being overlooked with the intense focus on the GOP side of the aisel:

    20% of Voting CA Democrats said — HELL NO TO BOXER!

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