The new Karate Kid movie.

Is it outside the realm of possibility that… this might not actually suck?


  • Yes. It is outside the realm of possibility that the Karate Kid remake to not suck and blow simultaneously. The Spy Next Door? Around the World in 80 Days? Every time Chan is on screen for a kiddie movie lately is another attempt by Hollywood to get you to bore your own eyes out. Chan needs to get back to poorly dubbed drunken monkey style fight movies.

  • physics geek says:

    Did someone not actually think about the dialogue:

    “Jacket on! Jacket off!”

    “I’m sorry, did you just say jack it off? Because people are going to go all Beavis and Butthead giggly over that stupid comment.”

  • wombat-socho says:

    I didn’t see the original, but I’m seriously thinking about seeing this version. Jaden looks and sounds like he’s got some of his old man’s chops; between that and Jackie Chan, this might be an okay movie.

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