#rsrh Another NJ corrupt politician (D) sentenced.

Via Dan Riehl I see that another corrupt politician (Leona Beldini) nabbed in last year’s roundup has been sentenced:

A former Jersey City deputy mayor has been sentenced to three years in prison in the largest federal probe of political corruption in New Jersey.


The Democrat was arrested last year in a sting that resulted in charges against her and 45 others. Twenty defendants have pleaded guilty or been convicted so far, including a defendant Monday.

You know, I think that it was this event that actually let me believe that maybe, just maybe, Christie was going to win the election.  I mean, really believe it.  The thought that there were limits to what New Jersey was going to tolerate in the Democratic party, that is.  Living in that state as I did until 2001, I had to wonder, sometimes.

Moe Lane

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