This is a sad video.

In that I am associating it with feelings of sorrow and melancholy…

…and I’m not sure why. The music, perhaps? I mean, as art it’s very interesting and uses technology in a clever way; obsessively, perhaps, but then obsession is hardly unsurprising in art. It’s probably not meant to make people sad, and yet it does. Or at least it does me.



  • Jillian says:

    It’s because you visually watch the guy age. I felt the same way the first time I saw it.

  • Fausta says:

    Not only do you watch the guy age, you never see him smile, just stares at the camera.

  • Veronica says:

    Noah has very soulful, wistful eyes — and it’s as though we’re peering into his soul the whole time, the same way we see ourselves in the mirror everyday, but we’re *not seeing* our own souls when we look at ourselves.

    We see our reflection in him.

    And it haunts .. because we’re psuedo-trapped in the electronic world, the same way he is. I mean, that’s all we see. The same room, the same open doors. No people. Repetitive. Everything enclosed within the frame of the camera. Life seems to pass him by, the same way life threatens to pass us by if we don’t tear ourselves away from the computer.

    All the while, he creeps toward the end of his life and death, the same way we do.

    You can sense it.

    I have a similar feeling when I look into my children’s eyes, when I think they’re growing up too fast. It’s a happier feeling than this video, though.

    Thanks for posting this — it’s a great, contemplative piece. I never knew about him until I came by here.

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