Lawsuits and vampires and angst, oh my!

OK, let me walk through this.

  1. They needed a jacket for a scene in the movie Twilight* – no, I have no intention of seeing the series, unless there’s hella more decapitations and stakings added to it – so they sent out somebody to go buy one off-the-rack.
  2. Like everything else involved with Twilight*, people go insane over the jacket.
  3. The people who made Twilight* forget to get any kind of product placement agreement.
  4. The people who made the jacket decide to re-release the jacket, and mention “Hey!  This is the jacket Bella wore in Twilight*!”
  5. The people who made Twilight* are now suing the people who made the jacket that Bella wore in Twilight*.  They want all the jackets destroyed, too.

Wait, what?  When did the people who made Twilight* buy the rights to the jacket that they had Bella wear in Twilight*? Lawyers confuse me.

Moe Lane

*Gimme a break; it’s been a bad month for Amazon purchases.

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