The Democrats are afraid.

I cannot conclude but otherwise.

  • Democrats in Congress refused to pass a budget this year.  Paul Ryan thinks that they’re doing this in order to justify passing a VAT: I think that they’re d0ing this because they don’t want to explain why they spend worse than drunken sailors*; these two opinions are not incompatible with each other.
  • The White House plans to wait on trying to pass a cap-and-trade bill until after the elections, but before the 112th Congress takes office.  This is incompatible with the Democrats’ breezy assurances that they’re going to do well in November; and I agree with Jim Geraghty that Republican nominees need to get Democratic incumbents on the record as to how they feel about this policy.
  • Immigration reform?  What’s that?  Aside from the White House signing off on telling Ecuador about upcoming litigation before it bothers to tell American citizens, of course.
  • Congressional Democrats do not want to repeat the debacle of the health care summit – and, yes, it was a debacle for Congressional Democrats; they were expecting to be able to run on passing Obamacare, and now they’re hoping that it doesn’t hurt them too badly – on any of these subjects.

None of the above is my fault; or the fault of my political party; or the fault of my general ideology.  Cowardice is the absence of bravery and resolution, and I can’t just go and take either quality from people and thus make them weak.  This is a collective, yet personal failure on the part of the Democratic leadership, and while I will be no doubt actively hated for pointing all of this out… really, why should I care?

Moe Lane

*As many people have noted, drunken sailors stop spending when they run out of money.

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4 thoughts on “The Democrats are afraid.”

  1. Not exactly true: the drunken sailor, in the presence of an enterprising, slush-funding sailor, may in fact continue consumption in a quasi-Democratic fashion.
    A halt is called only when the slush-fund itself runs dry.

  2. The biggest difference between democrats and drunken sailors is that drunken sailors are spending their own money while the democrats are spending ours and our children’s money.

  3. Seems to me that drunken sailors are getting a bad name. They stop spending when their money runs out. Our current Congress (Democrat) knows that someone else (namely us) is going to be forced to pay the bar tab. I would put forth that they are lust drunk. And as long as they lust for glory they will show no restraint. The Nancy and the Harry believe they are actually improving our lives with their actions and because of their greatness we are the beneficiarys of such greatness. Somehow we need to swat these pests in to the dung piles of history.

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