‘Beat it.’

Beat It, Michael Jackson

What the hell happened to that guy? – I know that I’ve wondered that aloud, before. I’ve never really gotten a great answer, though.

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  • Long story short: from childhood, Michael Jackson was the family cash cow, but he was gay and never had the courage to be open about it. This is understandable since black culture became viciously anti-gay in the late 1980’s or 1990’s, when its leaders started openly nation-building and ditched the Rainbow Coalition. In addition, he was cruelly abused, bullied and exploited by his coarse and greedy father all his life.

    A British tabloid reporter interviewed Michael and his lovers extensively before he died and became convinced that Michael preferred adult male partners but did engage in behaviors that fueled accusations of pedophilia. I’m inclined now to accept that explanation of Michael.

    A few months after Michael’s death, Instapundit linked a story that sleep disorders plague adults who were victims of exceptional amounts of abuse as children and that medical residents in anesthesiology who have access to propofol abuse the drug in order to sleep and have a high death rate from it. Michael’s addiction to plastic surgery made him familiar with propofol and he used his power as a wealthy man and celebrity to find an M.D. who was foolish enough to give it to him. The day he died he was probably dead as a door nail within a couple of minutes of getting the drug and the delay in calling 911 had to do with the doctor trying to hide evidence to save his own ass. As long as Michael was abusing propofol, it was only a question of when it would get him, not whether.

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