#rsrh Gee, tough Q&A there.

Question: Clinton or Obama: Who’s the bigger asset on midterm campaign trail?

Answer: Ask Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds, Martha Coakley, Jim Martin, and/or Arlen Specter.

Second Answer: And, in November, ask (at least) Robin Carnahan, Harry Reid, and Michael Bennett.  I don’t suppose that we can encourage Obama to show up for Lee Fisher in Ohio?


  • smitty says:

    Barack can’t offer enough support for Gentleman Jim Moran in VA-8.

  • Rick554 says:

    lol Anytime Barry shows up in Ohio, he gets a good look at what Ohioans think of him. He,and Dennis Kucinich, had to motorcade through a 3/4 mile sea of yellow flags when they showed up here in Strongsville.
    C’mon out Barack!!!
    PS: Bring along Gaffmaster Joe too!

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