#rsrh WaPo attacks… Norman Rockwell.

Blake Gopnik*(Via Hot Air Headlines):

Norman Rockwell is often championed as the great painter of American virtues. Yet the one virtue most nearly absent from his work is courage. He doesn’t challenge any of us, or himself, to think new thoughts or try new acts or look with fresh eyes. From the docile realism of his style to the received ideas of his subjects, Rockwell reliably keeps us right in the middle of our comfort zone.

Norman Rockwell, Southern Justice (1963):

Moe Lane:

Blake Gopnik?  Geh kak afen yam.

*Beats me: not even the WaPo thought that he was notable enough to get a bio.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    God, I so hate the pseudo-intellectual class. So proud to preen, yet blind to the floppy shoes and red squeaky nose they get from their words.

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