Nah, Instapundit, it’s Deep Ones.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  Disinformation, smishinformation.  It’s all about the crass commercialism of the Amazon.com link.

Aliens on the sea floor.”  Pshaw, Glenn.  Clearly the ‘oil slick’ is part and parcel of the ongoing civil war between the Innsmouthite traditionalist and the Strossian reformer factions of the Deep Ones, and we’re just trying to keep it hushed up, lest we see a resurgence of breakaway Antarctic Space Elder Race terrorism again.  It was bad enough the last time that they were actively attempting to use our seaborne neighbors’ internal political conflicts to get their own back; the fallout (literally) from dealing with the Neu Schwabenland redoubt was bad enough, but Elder Race shenanigans breed South American fascists like a Innsmouthite breeds shoggoths – and that means that weak-minded artists will become prey for the Great Old Ones.  The human race simply cannot handle another assault on its sanity like Evita.

It simply cannot.

Moe Lane


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