Eric Holder protects would-be race genocidist.

My colleague haystack already went off on this King Samir Shabazz, but there’s no way that I let this pass without comment:

Let me put this in some perspective for you, Attorney General Eric Holder. I happen to be the father of one of these white babies that this would-be race warrior advocates killing.  Where I come from – which is to say, planet Earth – we do not give special consideration to people who advocate killing babies because of their skin color.  Letting this man and his ilk off the hook for carrying weapons and intimidating voters in a polling place is giving special consideration.

And why was it necessary for me to type that out? This seems to be Elementary Enlightened Human 101: Killing babies bad*. I already knew that Shabazz is a failure at life because he doesn’t grasp the concept; I’m slightly surprised that Holder is letting it look like he’s in the same boat.

Moe Lane

*The Other Side would love this to change to an argument on abortion. Stay focused on the main point.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    “I’m slightly surprised that Holder is letting it look like he’s in the same boat.”

    Really? I’m not surprised at all.

    The people Holder called “cowards” because they won’t let him lecture them about race voluntarily gave up some of their power in order to have a more equal society. That’s the opposite of cowardice.

    Holder’s tolerance — no, that’s too weak a word — Holder’s SUPPORT for people like “King Samir Shabazz” is the result of cowardice. He’s no different than the white southerner who accepted the rule of the Democrats because he feared the Klan.

  • Free-range Oyster says:

    The surprise isn’t that he countenances this garbage. It’s that he is foolish enough to do it *where the American people can clearly see it.* To call him a scum-sucking bottom-feeder would be an insult to catfish and non-genocide-supporting lawyers everywhere, but I would have expected maybe a little more skill in covering his filthy tracks. Oyster out.

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  • azjenn says:

    Hard to believe that we have someone like Eric Holder who is allowing all that is going on with the Black Panthers. When this character, Shabazz, suggested killing some more ‘crackers’ as well as killing white babies I really found it hard to believe that this sort of talk was allowed in our country. Of course, I should realize that as long as Eric Holder is in the position that he is, it will continue.

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