#rsrh Justin Bieber’s Online Contest.

What could possibly go wrong?

Justin Bieber is apparently the subject of a new Internet prank, which now has the singer facing a tour of North Korea.

Bieber held a contest on his website encouraging fans to vote for where the next stop on his “My World” tour should be, with no restrictions on which countries could be voted for.

Oh, dear.

The contest ended up with more than half a million votes to send the 16-year-old teen icon to the communist nation.


…and I don’t think that we need to go any further than that, do we? With that name you know how it ends, after all.  Anyway, somebody at Hot Air Headlines really, really wants this to happen; I’m just mildly impressed that the second place finisher was apparently Israel.  Which he should totally… sing, is it?  I’m apparently not in his target demographic*… for.

Moe Lane

*There you go: big fat softball, lobbed over the plate.  Have fun!

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  1. Auburn University had a poll for choosing what music the football team came out to this fall. Fans of other SEC teams crashed the poll and Bieber won (via write-in) by a huge margin. Auburn officials disqualified him from the poll.

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