This is the real name, by the way.  There was beer involved, which is how all scientific nomenclature stories should start:

“It was just a joke, but then everyone stopped and looked at each other and said, ‘Wait–that actually sounds cool’…. I tried to come up with serious names after that, but Mojoceratops just sort of stuck.”

The paleontologist-poet who came up with MOJOCERATOPS! – I’ve decided that it must be invariably capitalized and given an exclamation point – is one Nicholas Longrich, who discovered the species by looking through existing dinosaur fossil collections and noticing that some of them had distinctive features that suggested a new type.  As I understand it, this happens more often than you’d think.  It’s just rare that somebody comes up with a name like MOJOCERATOPS! to commemorate the occasion.

Rocking cartoon of MOJOCERATOPS! at the first link: my only quibble is that it lacks a pair of mirrorshades to reinforce the entire ‘cool’ thing.  Unless it’s the artist’s feeling that MOJOCERATOPS! won’t roll that way?  I could accept that.

Via my wife.

Moe Lane

PS: MOJOCERATOPS!  I’m pronouncing that like the guys who do the funny car raceway park radio commercials would, by the way.

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