’s top-ten list on *useful* school topics.

This… is a darn good list.  So good that I suspect that the author started off trying to be lightly snide*, then watched in steadily-increasing horror as he started actually producing something with inherent value for Western civilization.  I mean, it’s not The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress or anything, but it’s definitely useful.

I especially like the chapter headings for #5 (“Health: How to Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Snake Oil”):

I. Pharmaceutical Companies Are Dicks, But at Least They Use Scientists;
II. Why Hippies Have Never Discovered a Single Disease Cure;
III. “Homeopathic” is Another Word for Voodoo Bullshit;
IV. Just Go See a Doctor You Big Baby.

…although somebody will argue those. They always do, really.

Moe Lane

*Not a criticism: does lightly snide very well, and very entertainingly.

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  1. The only thing I learned from Moon is, don’t build a prison around anything the can be turned into an obrital mass driver.

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