#rsrh ABC, VA, and Fark.

Interesting article here in the WaPo about privatizing Virginia liquor stores – although the Washington Bob McDonnell’s Thesis should accept that they lost the election, and stop being childish by using unflattering pictures of the Governor* – but the really interesting bit was possibly the comments section of the Fark entry where I saw it first.  Ever hear that old rule-of-thumb that the more you care about a particular topic, the more conservative you are about it?  Yeah, apparently Fark readers care a hell of a lot about distilled liquor.

No, I’m not judging.  I am, in fact, somewhat heartened.  Now if we can just get them caring about entitlement spending with the same intensity…

Moe Lane

*Who, yes, shouldn’t have had that one see the light of day.  Ever.

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