#rsrh The DCCC 2010 DOOMlist.

There’s actually only 36 names on this list of vulnerable seats issued by the DCCC:

Michael Arcuri Toss-Up
John Boccieri Lean Dem
Leonard Boswell Lean Dem
Allen Boyd Lean Dem
Bobby Bright Lean Dem
Chris Carney Likely Dem
Travis Childers Toss-Up
Gerry Connolly Lean Dem
Mark Critz Lean Dem
Kathy Dahlkemper Toss-Up
Joe Donnelly Lean Dem
Steve Driehaus Toss-Up
Chet Edwards Toss-Up
Bill Foster Toss-Up
Gabrielle Giffords Lean Dem
Debbie Halvorson Lean Dem
Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin Lean Dem
Steve Kagen Lean Dem
Paul Kanjorski Toss-Up
Mary Jo Kilroy Toss-Up
Ann Kirkpatrick Lean Dem
Larry Kissell Toss-Up
Suzanne Kosmas Toss-Up
Betsy Markey Toss-Up
Jerry McNerney Lean Dem
Harry Mitchell Lean Dem
Glenn Nye Toss-Up
Bill Owens Lean Dem
Tom Perriello Toss-Up
Earl Pomeroy Toss-Up
Ciro Rodriguez Lean Dem
Mark Schauer Toss-Up
Ike Skelton Lean Dem
John Spratt Toss-Up
Harry Teague Toss-Up
Dina Titus Toss-Up

…there’s an open seat that they’re funding, which makes it 37. The Politico article claims that the 28 million that the DCCC is using for triage in these races is for 40 districts, so there’s still a faint hope for 3 more incumbents. For the other 57 Democrats that Cook lists as not being assured of their seats*… well, the Likely Dems are going to have to work it out for themselves. As for the 47% of the Lean Democrats and the 40% of the Toss-ups who are apparently not worth bailing out; I guess that they’re just going to have to die well, and remember that their sacrifice will not have been in vain.

Even if nobody in the Democratic party will bother remembering their names after Election Night.

Moe Lane

PS: Bear in mind, by the way, that the DCCC is allocating money in a manner that suggests that they are assuming absolute disaster.  There’s not even a pretense for trying to fight on the offense, and the list indicates that they’re as scared for their established legislators as they are for their freshmen.  I look forward to hearing the glum, post-election behind-the-scenes explanation of how they created this list; I (no doubt fondly and ridiculously) imagine that fistfights almost broke out over it…

*For those keeping track, this was the first update of Cook in a month.  They shifted 10 seats (all Democratic), 8 in the GOP’s favor.  Of particular note: one became Safe D, three formerly Safe D were upgraded to Likely D, and two got moved to Toss-Up.


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