New DA:O DLC: ‘Golem of Amgarrak’?

That’s the word from the San Diego Comic-Con, at least: details here and here.  High-level dungeon crawl, apparently; I’ll need to tweak my Elven Mage/Arcane Warrior/Battlemage/Spirit Healer for full Things Go Boom Now effect.

It’s interesting to see the way that complaints about the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins change every single time a new one comes out.  I’m not used to the computer RPG social scene, oddly enough: this is the first game that really has had my wife and I aware of its larger online community.  We were trying to figure out why there was so much acrimony lurking in forums for corporate decisions about a game that nobody was being forced to buy, until we realized that said acrimony was mostly fueled by a general desire to complain

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, Return to Ostagar should have been longer.


  • Neil Stevens says:

    The fundamental problem is that this company, I’m told, is capable of a much higher standard than this game set, but the B team was put on this game, and the A team did Mass Effect 2.

    So some of the complaints may be driven by a higher standard expected by fans of the company.

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Forget about DLC complaints, people have moved on to complaining about DA2 with all the news coming out of Comic-Con about the changes to art-style, combat and dialogie!

    I also think some of the complaints are from the PC crowd, or at least those who are snobby about PC vs console, and feel DAO should never have been put on consoles – and these complaints will only get louder as the changes in DA2 become more evident.

    Did you try out Leliana’s Song? I liked the use of DLC to flesh out backstory. Whether you like it or not, Bioware is using DLC on DAO to try out some different ideas (like Darkspawn Chronicles.)

    Oh, also, congrats – I learned about this new DLC first via your tweet. 🙂

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    oh, FYI – Bioware has said that your saves from DAO will in some as yet unspecified fashion transfer over to DA2. Fair warning!

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