Movie of the Week: Kung Fu Panda.

Kung Fu Panda could have been horrible.  In fact, it could have been fairly expected to be horrible.  However, the directors decided that since they in fact liked kung fu movies, they should play it straight and make an actual kung fu movie… with pandas in it.  So they made one.   And It Did Not Suck.

Neither did Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Collector’s Set – yes, I’m aware that there’s a bad pun there – but it’s time for it to go now.


  • Mark Erikson says:

    Indeed. On top of that, first time I saw KFP was in Beijing, in a theater full of Chinese, after having lived in China for four years. Made it that much more awesome.

  • Metzger says:

    I gotta say, considering that Dreamworks has a knack at making soulless, animated drivel, I was pleasantly surprised by this. This very much falls on the list of caught-it-on-while-changing-the-channel-and-decided-to-watch-it-again movies for me.

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