#rsrh Correction to this NYT story.

Gist of said story: the Democrats have announced 20 more races where they’re scared enough of the results to lock in more advertising money in them ahead of time; add that to the 40 or so that they’ve already started panicking over and that comes to about 49 million overall pre-spent.  In other words, they’ve managed to cover almost 2/3rds of the races that they should be worried about! 

Anyway, the correction: there are actually six races in this list of twenty where a Republican holds the seat: the open seats in DE-AL (Castle), IL-10 (Kirk), and FL-25 (Diaz-Balart); Djou in HI-01; Cao in LA-02; and Dent in PA-15.  That’s the DCCC’s true offensive campaign right there, folks: three vacant seats (only two realistically accessible); two formerly-Democratic seats that are still not considered locks; and a tilt-at-the-windmill in Charlie Dent’s seat.

Couple this to their existing DOOMList and you see… pretty much an expanded DOOMList.  Of the three sitting Democrats, both Shea-Porter and Kratovil were already known to be counting the days until they can start sending out resumes for lobbying firms; but Kurt Schrader (OR-05) is a bit of a surprise: he wasn’t that high on my list of possible flips.  But if the DCCC’s worried about that seat, it’s probably time to take a look at Scott Bruun

Moe Lane

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