#rsrh Down, boy! No filibuster! No!

I was going to be cute about this, but I’m actually a little tired, so no. There will be no amending of the filibuster next Congress: five Democratic Senators (none of whom are running for re-election in 2008) have announced their opposition, and given that +5 GOP in the Senate is a pessimistic forecast of November’s results five is all that we need.

This should shock nobody on the Other Side, but it probably will: theoreticians often stumble badly when they have to unexpectedly deal with real world conditions.  It might seem obvious to most people reading this that Senators can comprehend that just because they’re in the majority for this Congress it doesn’t mean that they’ll always be in the majority, but there is a long list of things obvious to normal people that are apparently beyond the cognitive grasp of netroot theoreticians.  I think that it’s a side effect of having to provide a constant internal reassurance that your policy positions show that you really are a good person, despite it all… but I’m practicing nonsensical psychology without a license.  Or indulging in vicious character assassination; as I said, I’m tired.

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