#rsrh Deepak doesn’t have a clue.

(Via Transterrestrial Musings and AoSHQ) You’d think that this would stop being funny after the third viewing. It doesn’t.

Probably because Deepak Chopra doesn’t even remotely comprehend why everybody is either laughing at him, or is ticked off at him (blond woman who swallowed an unripe lemon, I am looking at you) for the way that he is clearly not getting it. It’s so good I don’t even care whose side I’m supposed to be on on this one.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh Deepak doesn’t have a clue.”

    1. Deepak clearly didn’t get that the guy called Deepak’s belief in the theory that all beliefs are masks for insecurity a sign of Deepak’s own insecurity. What made this funny is that EVERYBODY else did; if Deepak had rolled his eyes and said ‘Cute’ sarcastically it would haven’t had an impact.

  1. Is the blonde woman ticked off at Chopra, or at the guy in the red shirt? I thought she was very “not amused” by the way Red Shirt made Chopra look like a ninny.

  2. This is quite old. The debate is from March of 2009. It was very good. Chopra clearly had his butt handed to him all night long.

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