del Toro to do At the Mountains of Madness.

(Via Nodwick) And it will not be a light romantic comedy set in modern Nebraska.  Do you think that I jest?  Go look at what they did to Exit To Eden if you want to see what Hollywood can do to a book.  Not going to be a problem here:

The main issues that financiers have had is that del Toro needed his movie to be a period film, and he needed it to be R-rated. Movies like that are really hard to market, and so studios, such as Universal in this case, haven’t wanted to pay for it.


So why would Universal decide that they were finally ready to take the risk? One name: James Cameron. According to the reports, the Avatar director has decided to back del Toro’s vision and come on as a producer. Not only that, but the movie will be in 3D, and there’s no one else on the planet right now that you want in your corner when it comes to 3D more than James Cameron. They even plan to start pre-production immediately with hopes of filming some time next summer.

Cameron’s a bit of a… wonderful person who is going to help put one of Lovecraft’s most epic vistas on the screen… but he knows how to do big, and big is what you need when you’re doing a horror/adventure story about a lost, pre-human Antarctic city.  There’s been a real dearth of big-screen Mythos movies that have been mainstream successes – I count three, in fact, and none of them are officially Lovecraft films* – so I’m kind of hoping that this one takes off.

Moe Lane

*Alien, Pleasantville, and United 93.  If enough people care, I’ll explain why later.


  • MikeCG says:

    All right, I’ll bite. Alien is pretty obvious, and Pleasantville…I can kind of see. But United 93, part of the Mythos? Really?

  • Prayerborne says:

    Moe, I care. And also, why???

  • Phineas says:

    Hmmm… Aliens is easily Lovecraftian in theme, but why the other two?

  • matt says:

    Flight 93 is mythos? I don’t buy that.

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  • Bob Stovall says:


    Since discovering you and your work at RedState.com I’ve become something of a fan. Not obsessed, mind you, but very appreciative of your very fine work. I have also noticed that we have some things in common: you are a geek and I am a geek, though not nearly as accomplished as you; You are a Political Geek and I am a political geek, same caveat and, finally, you appear to love Movies and Music at least as much as I do. No, I’m not about to ask you to go steady so you can relax.

    But I do have a project that I think is particularly suited to your suite of talents: “The 17th Amendment: The case for its repeal.”

    This particular amendment is, IMHO, the product of an enormously misinformed public by a horde of leftist “Muckraking” so-called journalists.

    Tell me what you think of such an idea. I think its time has come.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I’ve often argued for giving the state legislatures back the option to pick Senators, but I’ve never come up with a practical method for getting that done.

  • Bob Stovall says:

    We have to reverse engineer the way it got done to begin with. YOU have the talent and writing skill to begin to build the case. There already exists an undercurrent of thought and feelings that something is not quite right with the universe in that there is this great imbalance of power between what the Founders envisioned and implemented and what has come to be with the adoption of Article the Seventeenth.

    Think of this as The New Federalist Papers. Channel Madison. Use the Force. No, Seriously. This will be the hardest thing you will ever do but whenever I read your stuff and see the wit and intelligence that goes into it my faith that it can be done is renewed.

    You cannot do it alone but neither, then, did Madison or those f***ing muckrakers.

    Give it some thought.


  • Bob Stovall says:

    Can I steal your wallpaper?

  • phil davis says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. Alien I can definately see, but I’m fascinated where you find the mythos tie in to the other two. I live for digging out Lovecraft references in literature (or as my wife puts it, ‘shut up about it already’) but Pleasantville and Flight 93 has me stumped there…

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