Not to be mean to Kevin Drum…

…actually, that’s a bit of a fib; being mean to Kevin Drum (and any other Mother Jones flunky) is a bit of a social and civic responsibility these days.  Anyway, he was just found whining “You know, if I’d wanted Dick Cheney as president I would have just voted for him” in response to the White House’s desire to expand the ability of law enforcement to read email headers without a court order.  Folks can determine where they sit on that particular issue, but I’d like to remind Kevin, as from one old school blogger to another: it’s funny that you should say that, Sparky.  

I mean, speaking from the outside and all that, 2008 looks hella like the Democrats decided to find their very own Bush to run, seeing as they could never beat the one in office at the time.  – But, because all y’all were working from a caricature of the President, you didn’t go looking for a clone of the actual George W Bush; you went looking for a clone of the Bush that existed only in your collective heads.

And you found one.  Congratulations!

And you’re cordially invited to kiss my ass if you’re unhappy about it.  I have to live with this winner for – at best – two more interminable years, so I’m a bit unsympathetic to how hurt progressive feelings are that they didn’t read the Surgeon General’s warning on the side of the box before they made the purchase.

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