August already? Time for a pledge drive.

I should not feel weird about rattling the tip jar for my hotel/airline flight to the RedState Gathering – after all, it’s not like I have an expense account for that – but I do.

Ach, well: rattle, rattle, rattle.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    I’d already hit the site fees for a donation, but since you asked, made one for you directly, because you’re worth it!

  • Christine says:

    Moe, I am more than happy to hit the tip jar. I hope that I’ll be able to shake your hand and tell you in person how much my husband and I appreciate your blog and your RedState posts. Looking forward to a great weekend!

  • Skip says:

    Will hit the tip jar after payday – but I just moved to Austin, so I guess I’ll get to go this year. At least there’s no excuse not to. Buy you the adult beverage of your choice when you’re here.

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