No MotW/Music tonight, folks…

…I am thoroughly slagged from doing phone interviews.

You tell me what to watch/listen to.


  • Here is one of my all time favorite groups, Uncle Tupelo. They are no longer together, but were great back in the early 90’s.

  • David Maples says:

    Marcia Ball, any album, anytime. but if you want specifics – “Gatorythms” album.

  • Brett says:

    “The Crazies”, the new one, with Timothy Olyphant. It’s an effective, well-done B-movie (or maybe A-minus movie) that has kinda-sorta zombies.

    And now for something completely different: “Crazy Heart”, staring Jeff Bridges. If you don’t like country/western music, you might be hard pressed to like this movie; Bridges did a tremendous acting job though.

  • Joseph says:

    Men Without Hats

    “Safety Dance”

    It’s in your head now.


  • john says:

    Roger Hodgson – Eye of the Storm (

    A little something for everyone at home, getting run-over by the economy or overseas serving, I think there’s something here for everyone. The video isn’t the greatest but it WAS from the 80s 😉

    At least listen through the bridge, if it hasn’t hooked you by then…

  • john says:

    Sorry, looks like the album version with the bridge have been taken out. :-\

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