#rsrh Say hi to Tyler Clay Collins!

(Via @ceolas) Tyler Clay Collins is a Kentucky Democrat. He’s the taller guy.

Tyler Clay Collins, in fact, is a Kentucky Democrat who hates Latinos, which is a bit problematical for him right now; he doesn’t have a socially acceptable way to express that in public.  Whatever is Tyler Clay Collins to do?  Wait, Tyler Clay Collins knows!  He’ll go to public places and pretend to be a Rand Paul supporter!  That way he can hate Mexicans in public and everybody will blame the Republicans!  Isn’t  Tyler Clay Collins smart?

No.  Not really.

(H/T The Other McCain) You see, Tyler Clay Collins, being a racist – and thus stupid – didn’t realize that Republicans and conservatives by now know to BRING A CAMERA to every event that they attend. This is so that they can film Democratic racists like Tyler Clay Collins when they try to play these stupid little games.

Oopsie! I guess that Tyler Clay Collins feels really silly now. Then again, Tyler Clay Collins should have thought of that before he stapled Dora the Explorer to a posterboard and tried to pass off his racism as coming from my party’s candidate.

Moe Lane

PS: Rand Paul for Senate. Because we have had enough of this nonsense.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Say hi to Tyler Clay Collins!”

  1. If this poor jerk falls down and breaks his neck, in two places, someone will undoubtedly say the folks on the right are responsible…..now his fifteen minutes will commence.

  2. How typical of liberals to pull a stunt like this, but then accuse conservatives of being underhanded liars. This man is scum.

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