#rsrh Say hi to Tyler Clay Collins!

(Via @ceolas) Tyler Clay Collins is a Kentucky Democrat. He’s the taller guy.

Tyler Clay Collins, in fact, is a Kentucky Democrat who hates Latinos, which is a bit problematical for him right now; he doesn’t have a socially acceptable way to express that in public.  Whatever is Tyler Clay Collins to do?  Wait, Tyler Clay Collins knows!  He’ll go to public places and pretend to be a Rand Paul supporter!  That way he can hate Mexicans in public and everybody will blame the Republicans!  Isn’t  Tyler Clay Collins smart?

No.  Not really.

(H/T The Other McCain) You see, Tyler Clay Collins, being a racist – and thus stupid – didn’t realize that Republicans and conservatives by now know to BRING A CAMERA to every event that they attend. This is so that they can film Democratic racists like Tyler Clay Collins when they try to play these stupid little games.

Oopsie! I guess that Tyler Clay Collins feels really silly now. Then again, Tyler Clay Collins should have thought of that before he stapled Dora the Explorer to a posterboard and tried to pass off his racism as coming from my party’s candidate.

Moe Lane

PS: Rand Paul for Senate. Because we have had enough of this nonsense.


  • Red says:

    What an idiot!

  • Randy says:

    If this poor jerk falls down and breaks his neck, in two places, someone will undoubtedly say the folks on the right are responsible… his fifteen minutes will commence.

  • Gary M says:

    How typical of liberals to pull a stunt like this, but then accuse conservatives of being underhanded liars. This man is scum.

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