#rsrh A ‘reasonable relationship’ with the Taliban?

Well, that’s what Jim Marshall (D, GA-08) wants, according to this August 5th town hall footage. I highlighted the relevant bit here:

See also Liberty Central.

Now, if you’re wondering whether it might be possible to indeed honorably split off moderate Taliban elements… well, probably, yes. If you’ve got the party that actually takes foreign policy seriously running things; in other words, not Jim Marshall’s. Harsh of me? No, not really. Jim Marshall’s a Blue Dog: which is to say, a hypocrite on spending who voted for the stimulus with nary a qualm. If he’s going to betray his supposed fiscal conservatism, what’s to stop him from betraying his supposed national security bona fides, too?

Moe Lane

PS: Austin Scott is the GOP challenger for that district.

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