#rsrh QotD, We Told You So Edition.

Via Jim Geraghty‘s Morning Jolt comes this observation by Macsmind:

This is astounding that at this point in his presidency the die is already cast, but it is. What’s more astounding is that the press by and large still hasn’t let the cat out of the bag. Obama wasn’t qualified to be president. He didn’t have the experience nor the skill to pull off the job. We wrote about it but no one listened. Now it’s painfully clear.

Indeed, he wasn’t; and indeed, we did. There is actually a temptation to not say ‘I told you so:’ after all, we are told over and over and over again that rubbing people’s noses in something isn’t… nice. And that’s true. At the same time, Macmind also notes that we were more or less here before with Carter, and we didn’t learn anything from the experience, so maybe a little nose-rubbing is actually necessary

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