Has anybody played this?

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is available via Steam for cheap; it looks interesting, but I heard that there are bugs and no patches for ’em. Anybody got an opinion?


  • Skip says:

    I played this on the original XBox, I thought it was decent enough. It’s (very) loosely based on the Shadow over Innsmouth. It got some bad reviews when it came out, but as I recall they were mostly from the FPS crowd who were looking to yell ‘you just got Cthulhu’d’ or something.

    As it’s from 2006ish, it ought to run just fine even on cheap computers today.

  • Joseph says:

    Buy it and let us know.

  • Derek says:

    I downloaded it for PC. It runs great on my current low/mid grade machine at all settings maxed out. The story is quite good, along with getting the feel of the setting very well. There were several very cool moments right up until I accidentally quick-saved myself into a quick-death situation. So, I would have had to replay several hours just to get back to that point from my last real save. I haven’t picked it up since. I say go for it.

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