Hey, Ray Bradbury will be 90 in a week!

And he sounds nicely… cantankerous.

Bradbury wrote darkly about bookburning in “Fahrenheit 451,” but he sounds ready to use a Kindle for kindling. “I was approached three times during the last year by Internet companies wanting to put my books” on an electronic reading device, he said. “I said to Yahoo, ‘Prick up your ears and go to hell.’ “

He’s right, by the way: the man doesn’t write science fiction. He writes myths that sometimes have rocket ships in them.


  • Skip says:

    Eh, a quick look shows an archive with 40 of his novels and short stories available in a format for e-readers. He doesn’t have any control on whether or not his works appear there. The only control he has is whether or not he has a chance to get paid.

  • jimf says:

    time to revisit that song by Rachel Bloom… F M, Ray Bradbury.

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