#rsrh Sen. Levin hit with pie.

A couple of Lefty antiwar nuts, we-hate-the-Jews edition:

Ahlam Mohsen, 23, a Michigan State University senior, was arrested by the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety after the incident. The assault came after a speech by another protester, Max Kantar, 23, of Big Rapids, who criticized [Sen Carl] Levin [D, MI] – chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – for his stance on U.S. foreign policy issues, including “Israel war crimes against the Palestinian people.” After Mohsen pied the long-time senator, both she and Kantar fled from Pepper’s.

I mention this mostly because you have to look at the picture:

I mean, seriously: look.  Slumped shoulders, hangdog expression, passive arms, the Lowered Brow of Shame… the antiwar movement finally and actually broke a US Senator.  The man’s been in office for three decades – far longer than the spoiled little Jew-haters that attacked him – and this is how the antiwar movement treats one of their own antiwar Senators.  His entire world must be spinning around like a rogue gyroscope right now: nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing.

Or maybe I’m over-analyzing: this could just be the default posture of a Democratic legislator in 2010.  In that case, never mind.

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  • Finrod says:

    23 years old and a college senior? This would be at a minimum the start of this loser’s 5th year of college, probably 6th. Doesn’t look like he came from the high end of the GPA pool.

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