#rsrh This is the best the DNC has?


Not a single Democratic lawmaker appears in the ad, and there is no mention of President Obama, who won’t be on any ballots this year. A teacher and a masked factory worker make brief cameos in the ad, but the only recognizable individual in the spot is President Bush, who says, “You can’t get fooled again.”

Shoot, when a representative of the working class doesn’t even want to show his face on your campaign ad, that’s a ‘problem.’ And by problem I mean ‘opportunity for hysterical laughter.’

Moe Lane

PS: Betcha it took them at least 100K to make that ad (no, it shouldn’t have, but it probably did). They should make a ton more.

PPS: Do you think that Jeb Bush flashed the Loser Sign on his forehead? Probably not, but he should have.

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