#rsrh QotD, Jim Cramer is utterly mad edition.

I was sent this with the heading, “Will Jim Cramer’s body be found in an alley?”

You almost have to wonder.

…if you are an owner of stock, any stock, if you are using the stock market for retirement or for savings to put your kid through school or to augment your paycheck, I think you are now beginning to see the silver lining of the miserable economic news: change in Washington. In fact, every time we see a downtick in the popular polls for the administration or Congress the large stockholders I know secretly cheer. They can’t cheer out loud without looking like Scrooge. Or they fear the wrath of Obama, which, on Wall Street, by the way, feels like the wrath of Nixon. It is, however, how many of them privately feel.

You know it. I know it. It is just that nobody wants to say it. Nobody wants to even believe it, as it so downright cynical. And, of course, nobody wants to criticize this president other than the people who are paid to criticize — the Republicans in Congress and various news entities that cater to the right. You take your public life in your hands the moment you do.

Emphasis on “almost:” things aren’t that bad in this country. But Jim Cramer just got added to the reflexive attack lists of every online client site of the Democratic party. Heck, by this time next week Media Matters or Atlantic or 538.com will probably declare him to be some sort of neocon. Or am I just being nostalgic for the good old days of 2004?

…Shoot. Those were the good old days, weren’t they? And I was having screaming nightmares from the stress, too.

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  1. Not mad, but irrelevant. Pathetic, really. Only instructional in the way anyone is who has sold their self-respect to General Electric. Have you ever watched him?

  2. Right after Rick Santelli’s original rant that triggered the Tea Party movement, Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE that then owned CNBC, called the staff in and told them to stop attacking BO.

    Was Immelt a stooge or an ideologue?

    On the stooge side, GE needed TARP money big time, and Immelt wanted to make sure he got it.

    On the ideologue side, he never once called Olberdingdong or Larry “Mad Dog” O’Donnell in during the Bush years and told them to keep it within the bounds of good taste.

    I will have to say that Immelt is a stooge and a crazed leftist.

  3. Cramer will make a fool of himself again, and go on Jon Stewart’s tired Partisan facade of a show, to take another public flogging.

    Cramer is part of the problem, a vapid Democratic Partisan who was pushing Spitzer in the most absurd manner before that explosion.

    Another dedicated Democrat, who still probably sees Obama as the issue, instead of the entire Disastrous Democratic Party, which ALL pushes these terrible policies.

    The Pattern is overt, the Gray Davis recall in CA, the McGreevy-Corzine nightmare in NJ, the Granholm failure in MI, the Blanco flop in LA, etc.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton basically did the same disastrous things as Obama, raising spending, raising taxation, trying to Nationalize Health Care, treating Radical Islamic Terrorists as a mere criminal matter, appeasing numerous threats around the world, like the Arafats, North Korea, etc.

    Cramer still probably believes ‘many’ Democrats are foolish, incompetent, unethical, misguided, corrupt, etc., and interested in only growing Government in absurd levels to appease their voting interest – like Public Unions.

    Cramer should apologize to everyone, for pushing this sophistry. And then we all should never let the Party of the Carter Malaise, ever gain any influence of worth in the USA again.

  4. Jim Cramer must find it increasingly difficult to straddle the fence these days – or he’s bi-polar.

    Only yesterday, he was praising Obama for being the poor people’s President and pro-Labor. To paraphrase, if he were poor and dependent on social welfare programs, he’d side with Obama too.

    Cramer wants to have his cake and eat it too. He hates Obama’s policies, but will only criticize up to a certain point. “Obama’s policies are bad for shareholders and businesses… BUT Obama’s great for poor people and the unions. GO OBAMA!!!”

    I guess he’s afraid of angering his boss at GE, and isn’t above pandering to the Obama crowd.

    I was disgusted when i saw the video…

  5. I really do wonder if Obama is aware of the public’s view of him, or if he thinks they generally approve? His ideas have all clashed with reality, I’m sure his foundations that support his bad ideas all clash with reality. The world keeps telling him that he’s wearing no cloths, but nobody around him – nor himself – permits a gasp.

  6. A little late to the party. Cramer is an intelligent enough guy on finances and economics that none of this should be a surprise to him. He voted for and supported this clown in 2008 in order to fit in with the cool kids. Obama is the disaster we all expected him to be and now Cramer suddenly catches on? Just as I wouldn’t give him a lot of credit for correctly telling me who will win last years Super Bowl I’m not congratulating him for noticing Obama is screwing up the economy.

  7. Cramer’s been on this theme since last fall, but he’s getting more exasperated and open about his fed-up-ness. And he is a Democrat, like most of the Golden Slacks crew, at least those involved in public life.

    The business world thought it would be cool to support Obama in 2008; they now know they made a terrible mistake. And the Wall Street firms discretely aligned with Democratic politicians who need someone to underwrite their public debt and manage public pensions are starting to see that their alliance has a “Use by” date stamp, expiring soon.

  8. Face it, not only is Jim Cramer a buffoon. He’s also a crook in my opinon. He touted illiterate baseball player Lenny Dykstra for his website and called him “one of the greats [stock pickers]” Cramer was also flogged by Jon Stewart for his stupidity. One of the worst performances ever by a tv personality on a talk show and yet he still kept his job at CNBC. Turn to today, Cramer is wrong about just about everything from directions of the stock market to individual stock picks. I’d say he’s on the verge of being fired at CNBC (if he’s not already paying CNBC for his gig there from thestreet.com funds) and he needs to blame Obama rather than his incompetence for his firing.

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