#rsrh Traficant out there. Lurking.

Traficant has supporters?

The ex-congressman failed to meet Monday’s deadline for running as a write-in candidate to reclaim the seat he once held. His supporters, however, still believe the former congressman is entitled to have his name on the ballot as an independent.

”We should be on the ballot,” Traficant campaign coordinator Linda Kovachik told the Warren Tribune Chronicle. ”We’ll keep our feet to the fire, keep their feet to the fire until someone gets so hot there has to be a decision.”

Traficant has supporters. Unfortunately for Traficant, Traficant also has an enemy in (Democratic) Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who is well aware that if OH-17 joins the various lists of potentially competitive races she will not have a particularly bright future in the Ohio Democratic party. That’s much more important right now than anything so picayune as a fair election – besides, she’s got enough troubles right now as it is.

Moe Lane

PS: Jim Graham is the Republican candidate for this district; so if you live in OH-17 vote for him, and encourage your Democratic friends to vote for Traficant.

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